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My overcast clouds pour star like raindrops as the joint burns flooring the freeway, on this “Long Drive Home.” In the midst of the the tranquil experience it would not be the same without the coinciding soundtrack to theme today’s adventure. This project is a combination of production by well renown producer “Danger Mouse” (Gnarls Barkley,Danger Doom, & White Album) and  Portland’s own James Mercer of “The Shins” on the lead vocals.

What they did was create a hybrid of melodic pop with experimental influences of jazz, hip hop, folk, etc. Making a wonderful piece for an occasion like mines. The tone of the record is very acoustic and hollow with the youthfulness harmonies of Mercer. Often while listening to this record I cant help but feel as if I had just killed a man, and this was my exit music for my “High Road” home. Enjoy.



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The Grand Cinema

The Grand Cinema is a notable non-profit art-house theatre located in the greater downtown Tacoma area. The Grand is one of few independent cinema venues in the Puget Sound area; Its mission is to enhance cultural vitality of the community through the art of film.

Since 2007 “The Grand” has annually hosted the Tacoma Film Festival introducing up & coming film makers from the area and beyond. The secluded cinema also offers a variety independent  films that range from foreign classics, documentaries, and much more.

The atmosphere is warm with friendly service & remarkable popcorn. Being such a philanthropic organization that supports the arts, we encourage you to spend an afternoon and enjoy the cinematic experience.

Information for  “The Grand” located below


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The existence of Shades of Griege revolves around one thing – Tacoma, Washington. A city that for years has been plagued with the notarity of being “simply” the city next to the city. Seattle often claims the title as being the life of Washington state with national landmarks, such as, the Space Needle and EMP (Experience Music Project).

But the city under city has been taking a stand in recent years consistently building in and around itself. The Tacoma Art Scene is quickly progressing. Studio observations inside the Glass Art Musesum are frequent and packed to the brim. Community email inboxes are overflowing with invitations to events showcasing local Tacoma artist of ALL kind.

Shades of Griege will also display the background, life, and local influence in and around Tacoma,WA.  View as we travel and display scenes, which inspire the inner city.  Still on its build-up, Tacoma will be shown here as we see it through our eyes.

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