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Coco Before Chanel is a compelling modern visual of a memoir worthy life and journey to find individual status in an aristocratic society. The film even teeters on a the idea that Coco may have been the first of vigilante, avant-garde, fashionistas. A rebel with a cause.

Initially, the plot of the film insinuates a love story. A lover’s quarrel around corner after corner. As the movie progresses the lust/love relationship Coco develops with Balsan (a rich gentleman) begins to fade. That love, is only the foreshadowing of a real love, an unconditional love — HER fashions.

If a fan of fashion, this movie provides many occasions to see and hear Coco’s feelings on fashion of the times. Coco is even down right anarchistic in certain scenes and those are the most powerful to watch. Coco cuts and rips clothing only to piece them back together into, what are often, 3,000 dollar, timeless wardrobe additions today. The relevance behind this is the looks and expressions Coco receives any time she shows up to a Grand Ball, minus a corset, the same gawking expressions a present-day young lady can expect  if she wore a Chanel outfit to prom.

The end results are that Coco before Chanel or ensuing her fortune are synonymous and therefore timeless. 



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The Charlie Brown Mixtape is the first of two installments from the Northwest renown MC Lockcity.

Demonstrating a compelling journey through the eyes of infamous animated persona Charlie Brown. Lockcity murders a medley of mixtape favorites such as “Tape for the town” & “Finna Go” — fused with originals like “Penthouse Chillin” & “Text Message Lover”. Not only does Lockcity display his ability to cross genres but spearheads a distinct Northwest sound.

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Myspace: Lockcity

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The existence of Shades of Griege revolves around one thing – Tacoma, Washington. A city that for years has been plagued with the notarity of being “simply” the city next to the city. Seattle often claims the title as being the life of Washington state with national landmarks, such as, the Space Needle and EMP (Experience Music Project).

But the city under city has been taking a stand in recent years consistently building in and around itself. The Tacoma Art Scene is quickly progressing. Studio observations inside the Glass Art Musesum are frequent and packed to the brim. Community email inboxes are overflowing with invitations to events showcasing local Tacoma artist of ALL kind.

Shades of Griege will also display the background, life, and local influence in and around Tacoma,WA.  View as we travel and display scenes, which inspire the inner city.  Still on its build-up, Tacoma will be shown here as we see it through our eyes.

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