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Coco Before Chanel is a compelling modern visual of a memoir worthy life and journey to find individual status in an aristocratic society. The film even teeters on a the idea that Coco may have been the first of vigilante, avant-garde, fashionistas. A rebel with a cause.

Initially, the plot of the film insinuates a love story. A lover’s quarrel around corner after corner. As the movie progresses the lust/love relationship Coco develops with Balsan (a rich gentleman) begins to fade. That love, is only the foreshadowing of a real love, an unconditional love — HER fashions.

If a fan of fashion, this movie provides many occasions to see and hear Coco’s feelings on fashion of the times. Coco is even down right anarchistic in certain scenes and those are the most powerful to watch. Coco cuts and rips clothing only to piece them back together into, what are often, 3,000 dollar, timeless wardrobe additions today. The relevance behind this is the looks and expressions Coco receives any time she shows up to a Grand Ball, minus a corset, the same gawking expressions a present-day young lady can expect  if she wore a Chanel outfit to prom.

The end results are that Coco before Chanel or ensuing her fortune are synonymous and therefore timeless. 



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