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Found this on ThatDenimGuy’s Vimeo. Apparently he’s a budding director as well.



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"A Field of Dreams"

Cotton fields, service gas stations, coal mines, and train tracks. That Denim Guy is blog focused on branding and private collection development. Created and facilitated by a TRUE ‘Southern Gentleman’ this newly formed website is a mix and mesh of the steps that goes into meticulously developing a brand that is also an extension of self. Paired with fun-filled stops along the way in territories spanning from LA to LA or Los Angeles to New Orleans. Watch out for rising star cameos. If you missed the first half of the CurT@!n$ interview — it’s time to play catch up.

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Paper Denim/Earnest Sewn denim developer and creative director Scott Morrison has recently obtained new employment. Morrison is now the creative mind and CEO behind the cult culture Japanese denim, Americana inspired brand EVISU.

The design aspect doesn’t seem to be what Morrison will be focusing on–to start. Branding and repositioning EVISU as a leader in denim to the masses is his current and, maybe, most exhausting task. There is no doubt that EVISU is still above average in quality and design but its, once highly coveted, Seagulls have seemingly lost their flare.

The question is whether Morrison is the guy for the job. What did you think of Paper and Earnest??


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Recently on a trip to Seattle for traffic violations and a pair of pants I had tailored, I made a pit stop to a store introduced to me by none other than Senor Homme a while back.  Mario’s wasn’t to be passed by that day.  In reviews I have seen few complaints about snotty staff but on this day I was treated as a king (okay not a king but close enough right?).   The part of me that is in love with a good wine tells me to include the fact that chilled champagne will be waiting for you inside, no special occasion involved.  Cheers. While looking through the store you may be wowed by the excellent assortment of premium denim and all the new cuts and washes in almost every size. Lifetime pieces are definitely found here but on this rare sunny day in Washington I kept to the essentials and picked up a shirt I was quite fond of. Seattle’s own Jim Riswold did a collaboration with Mario. Very soft fabric, funds go to an art charity, signed by artist Jim Riswold, I’m in.

For those of you who don’t know about ol’ Jim, he spent time advertising campaigns such as the Mars Blackman (Spike Lee), Michael Jordan commercials for Nike as well as the famous Bugs Bunny–Jordan pairing. Created the Bo Knows campaign for Nike and with all the Tiger Woods commotion it wouldn’t make sense not to mention the commercial entitled “I Am Tiger Woods” that he was also behind.  Riswold became a full-time artist around 2005 and his works have been shown in galleries throughout the Northwest. Here are a few of his works…

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Finding a personal style is a journey best explored in private. On a regular basis outside bias are effective in changing how we perceive things. Fashion and artistic aesthetics in general are the easiest to sway. Think about how sales associates are viewed by the public in high-end department stores. Most consumers walk into these locations with the predetermined thought that employees are knowledgeable enough to know right, wrong, good, or bad. Often they take suggestive sales tactics to heart when making important purchases; such as, their first peacoat, proper winter outerwear, and even wedding suiting. Note: There are times when sales associates do actually know what they are talking about. 

The lesson here is to go with personal intuition and satisfaction let onlookers be onlookers.  They do. 


Please note--brooch & brown belt

2" of stack properly accented with appropriate stud placement

Not a crew-neck but a U-neck--an eye for innovation

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Coco Before Chanel is a compelling modern visual of a memoir worthy life and journey to find individual status in an aristocratic society. The film even teeters on a the idea that Coco may have been the first of vigilante, avant-garde, fashionistas. A rebel with a cause.

Initially, the plot of the film insinuates a love story. A lover’s quarrel around corner after corner. As the movie progresses the lust/love relationship Coco develops with Balsan (a rich gentleman) begins to fade. That love, is only the foreshadowing of a real love, an unconditional love — HER fashions.

If a fan of fashion, this movie provides many occasions to see and hear Coco’s feelings on fashion of the times. Coco is even down right anarchistic in certain scenes and those are the most powerful to watch. Coco cuts and rips clothing only to piece them back together into, what are often, 3,000 dollar, timeless wardrobe additions today. The relevance behind this is the looks and expressions Coco receives any time she shows up to a Grand Ball, minus a corset, the same gawking expressions a present-day young lady can expect  if she wore a Chanel outfit to prom.

The end results are that Coco before Chanel or ensuing her fortune are synonymous and therefore timeless. 


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