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The eye of many fashion activists has developed over time, as far as runway is concerned, and it’s concerning us. Piece for piece things are gorgeous, must have items even at times. But these days what most fashion show on-lookers sit idly by and witness are poorly arranged layers at best. The result – making eye sores out of, some of, the world’s most complex and influential brands.

Prime example: Gant by Micheal Bastian. Does that remind your mind of some post polo days?? Question.

"Who's styling this shit??"


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"That's the price of love."

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The aftermath of losing an influential persona in the art world is both a time for mourning and celebration. Mourning the loss of, often, unobtainable genius and someone, somewhere losing a relative. The celebration comes by way of knowing that they will be forever remembered for their accomplishment not faults (most of the time). The third step of grieving for these lost souls is a more self-absorbed feeling. A hopeless feeling knowing, for a fact, your favorite designer, artist, musician,etc will never create again. Such a heart-wrenching feeling triggers the final and fourth stage of the unyielding process of saying goodbye is, compulsive buying. The need and want to purchase something and anything from that artist’s final work. A piece you will treasure forever.

R.I.P Lee Alexander Mcqueen.

Wallets were once an accessory overlooked by the menswear world. Since the rapid resurgence of men taking interest in their daily aesthetic; things have changed for the better. It was not due to lack of inspiring design, but little notoriety and attention to detail. Fast forward to modern-day fashion guy and the scale has tilted the other way. Color palette, material choice, shape, and designer are now just the tip of the iceberg while buying a wallet. The proper wallet today is an extension of persona as well as priorities.

So, in passing, Mr. McQueen, thee forever forward thinker, left a little something (4″x4.5″) to remember him by and a way to have him with you always. Right in your back pocket. Merlin royal blue, patent leather shell and premium leather inside with space for cards, coins, and cash.

He will be missed. Or will he.

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